Hydrotec, New Trench Drain Technology

February 2013 – As communities recover and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, drainage is a major topic of discussion.

Trench Drains that manage stormwater and runoff effectively are key to safeguarding against flooding. While a storm like Sandy would tax any system, SIGMA’s new Hydrotec trench drains offer significant advantages over other stormwater management systems on the market today.

SIGMACO product photos..Cream Ridge, NJ warehouse..December 13, 2012

Hydrotec is fabricated from fiber-reinforced concrete, a far sturdier choice than the competitors’ drains, which are made from the more brittle polymer concrete. Hydrotec’s increased durability results in less breakage during transport and installation, which increases efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Due to the square-bottomed shape of Hydrotec trench drains, they are quicker and easier to install. Unlike many competitive products, which must be suspended for installation, Hydrotec trench drains simply lay in the ground atop secure bedding. This reduces installation time and cost. The stable manner in which they are installed makes the risk of the sides collapsing once the concrete is poured non-existent.

In terms of maintenance and cleaning, Hydrotec offers another significant advantage. Its superior patented locking mechanism uses an antirust polyamide rod which is quicker and easier to use than QuickLok and PowerLok, both of which are susceptible to rust. Finally, Hydrotec responds to environmental changes like heat, cold, and moisture in the same way that its surroundings do. This avoids constriction and expansion, both of which lead to structural damage.

For information on Hydrotec Trench Drains, or to set up an onsite demonstration, please contact Ignacio Vijil-Cabrera, at ivijil@sigma.com or 609 758 0800 x 224. To view an informational video on Hydrotec, please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=he3Ub0VNR4Y