Change in Price List for MJ Accessories

We wish to announce a new Price List of MJ Accessories.

As we are all aware, with the considerable shift to restrained MJ joints, with some form of restrained glands replacing most of follower glands as well as your needs for various Accessory items in individual form, we have realized your need and preference to purchase and procure MJ Accessories separate from MJ Fittings.

It is also a reality that the cost factors for the various rubber and steel components that form the Accessories group vary from those for the Fittings, which are Iron Castings. As such, we believe it is time to treat all MJ Accessories as a separate product group altogether and introduce a separate Price List with applicable multipliers.

The new Price List for MJ Accessories is published on our website,  You can access the new 2018 MJ Accessories Price List by clicking the following link:  Accessories Price List – 2018. The Price List will be effective January 2, 2018. Applicable multipliers will be circulated by SIGMA’s Regional Sales Managers and the multipliers will be effective January 2nd as well.

With a new ownership and spirit, at SIGMA, we will continue to strive to earn your business thru our relentless service and the total value we bring to you.