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Water & Wastewater Sector, Critical lndustry:
The waterworks industry has been recognized as one of the
critical sectors by the Department of Homeland Security and State

If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the
Department of Homeland Security, you have a responsibility to
maintain your normal work schedule. Employees and employers
should follow CDC guidance to protect your health at work.

SIGMA Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis 
At SIGMA, we have implemented the necessary steps to continue
to operate as the current local, state and national regulations allow.
Where practical, associates are working from home. Salesmen
have been recalled from travel. Facilities have been cleaned and
employees have been educated on safe social distancing and
appropriate hygiene as outlined by the CDC. At present, each of
SIGMA’s warehouses is open and servicing the waterworks market.
Our sales team – both inside and out – remains accessible through
either phone, text or email. Please reach out to us as you would
under traditional circumstances. In these times, we appreciate the
friendly voice of a customer.

As a leading supplier to the Water,
Sewer and Fire Protection markets,
SIGMA offers a wide range of products
essential to the health and safety of our
communities across the United States
and Canada. Many of our products are
specified to local municipalities while
others are required universally. Either
way, our products are critical to the safe,
sanitary operation our water lines, sewer
networks and fire protection systems.

Consequently, SIGMA and its employees
are committed to continued operations
to service our industry and our nations’
infrastructure. In addition, SIGMA
is committed to a healthy working
environment for its 350 employees by
ensuring the guidelines of the CDC are
implemented at each facility.
In combination, we expect to be
positioned to service the water,
wastewater and fire protection industries
in the days and weeks to come.

Please contact your local customer
service representative for all of
your usual inquiries, and for special
assistance contact:

Joe Webb, National Sales Manager
(513) 374-0187

Donna Jones, Sales & Marketing Support
(609) 454-8428