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March 17, 2020

To SIGMA Customers:

As with each of you, we at SIGMA are monitoring and responding to the rapidly changing situation with the
COVID-19 virus both in the US, Canada and worldwide. Our thoughts are with those directly impacted by the
virus itself and those leaders working tirelessly to manage and mitigate the pandemic.

At SIGMA, we have implemented the necessary steps to continue to operate as the current local, state and
national regulations allow. Where practical, associates are working from home. Salesmen have been recalled
from travel. Facilities have been cleaned and employees have been educated on safe and appropriate hygiene
as outlined by the CDC. At present, each of SIGMA’s warehouses is open and servicing the waterworks
market. Obviously, our ability to service the market is predicated on limits requiring a “shelter in place” in local

For the supply chain, much as detailed in our note released on February 28th remains true today. SIGMA’s
Chinese factories continue to produce at or near capacity. Logistically, we’ve experienced some challenges
surrounding the transportation of product from factory to port and from port to ocean vessel. We’ve
experienced some limits with truck and container availability, but these limitations are resolving themselves. In
fact, our Chinese foundries have shipped ahead of their planned schedule in March. In India, our supply chain
for Fittings and Castings has not been adversely impacted by the Coronavirus.

Stateside, product from both India and China continues to move through US and Canadian ports without
meaningful delay or issue. As we each know, the circumstances around COVID-19 are fluid and evolving daily.
Any extended port closures to contain the spread of the virus – though unannounced at this date – would
adversely impact our supply chain. However, for the present, we are receiving and, in turn, shipping product.

We will continue to keep you updated and informed as the circumstances and situation changes. In addition,
we’d value your insight into market impacts from the virus as it relates to work site closings, job delays and the

Again, SIGMA’s primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, customers and the world we call


Greg Fox | VP of Sales
SIGMA Corporation