HDPE Roto-Molder Fully Operational

SIGMA is pleased to announce the successful launch of the new High Density Polyethylene Manufacturing Facility in our Alexander City, AL location.   The new roto-molder is now fully operational, and the team in Alexander City has hit the ground running.

Operations Manager, HDPE Manufacturing and OEM, Jessica Johnson describes the process:  “After we acquired Raven it became clear that we were going to expand our HDPE capacity by building a facility in Alabama.  So Neil Cook, our Manufacturing Supervisor, and I spent time in the Raven plant in Idaho to learn the process first hand.  We developed a strong working relationship with the team there. I consider us ‘the HDPE family.’  We then came home, trained our team, and we are getting more proficient each day.”

The process is complex, but the employees have learned quickly. Jessica continues, “Our success rates with the molds are between 93-95% so we are pleased with that. If a product comes out of the oven or the cooler and does not meet specification, we scrap it, but that is rare. So far, things have gone very smoothly.”

CEO Jim McGivern comments, “The SIGMA Manufacturing Team has executed on a very important plan on time and on budget. The new manufacturing capability at Alabama sets the basis for exciting growth and opportunities for the whole of SIGMA.”

The new equipment is running two shifts a day, six days a week, so there is clear demand for this product line.   Customers are well served; they know they can count on SIGMA’s quality, logistics and service networks, and now they can rely on SIGMA for domestically manufactured HDPE products.

For information on SIGMA’s HDPE product line, please contact Jeff Fox at JF1@sigmaco.com