Jim McGivern, CEO, SIGMA Corporation

Message from the CEO, Jim McGivern

At SIGMA, Quality is more than just a word.  It is a core value that underpins every aspect of the Company.  Our products are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures that often exceed the industry standard.  But to us, quality means much more than that.  It also refers to the most important asset of the Company, our SIGMA family.

The people who make up SIGMA embrace a culture of high standards, exemplary customer service and a dedication to excellence; these practices make us a leader in the field.

SIGMA has been a major force in the industry for nearly three decades, and our reputation is a source of pride.  We value our relationships and we respect our customers.  This approach has led to success, stability, and reliability in all economic climates.

SIGMA recently won the CNA Leadership in Safety Award, which recognizes a company for developing and maintaining a safe work environment and creating a highly productive workplace.  I can’t think of an award that means more to us as a Company.  Insuring the well-being of our SIGMA family—our employees, our customers, and the end users of our products—is our highest priority.

We will continue to develop new products to meet the ever-changing market’s needs, create innovative ways to serve our customers, and most importantly, maintain our unwavering quality standards each and every day.

Larry Rybacki, President

Larry Rybacki, President, SIGMA Corporation

Message from the President, Larry Rybacki

The Waterworks Industry is first and foremost a relationship business—I’ve been  preaching that for years.  We at SIGMA value all of our relationships; those with our SIGMA family, our customer base, and our suppliers.  Without all three, we would not be the Company we are today.From a business standpoint, my relationship with SIGMA and the members of our extended family has been nothing but positive.

I feel blessed to be part of an organization that is strong, healthy, and that truly cares!  No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s selling the broad range of SIGMA Products, supporting a charity, meeting people in the field or at trade shows, or playing with the squirrels on the golf course (I haven’t hit a fairway since the Carter administration) the sense of community and connectedness that I feel within the industry is an important part of who I am and I value it tremendously.

Because we respect our relationships, SIGMA always goes the extra mile to insure the job is done right whatever it is and wherever it is.  That’s the key to a successful company.

In honor our 30th year in business, we are keenly focused on how to make the customer experience even better.  Service is one of the company’s core values and we will continue to innovate and improve our protocols for the benefit of each and every customer.  We are working to identify and implement best customer service practices and efficiencies throughout the international SIGMA logistics network, and we will deliver top quality customer service each and every day.

Thank you all for what you do to be part of our success.

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