New Trench Drain Solutions Products

hydrotec 2hydrotec 1SIGMA is pleased and proud to announce the release of 35 new products in the trench drain solutions line. These new SIGMA Polylok items include the 12×12 inch drainage box, the 24 inch plastic composite grate for HDPE Pipe, and a full range of plastic products to address water and wastewater management issues.

Says National Trench Drains Solutions Product Manager Eric Moisa, “The SIGMA Polylok product line is more versatile than other trench drain products in the market.   Because the cutouts are already done, these offer simpler, quicker installation, which translates into a savings of time and money.”

SIGMA has also launched the Hydrotec Maxi 400 line, which offers a 16 inch wide channel. Eric continues, “The Hydrotec Maxi is ideal for use in heavy flow areas like airports and shipping terminals. It effectively handles the demands of high flow applications.”

For additional information on these or other trench drain solutions products, please contact Eric at