New Year Message from the CEO

As 2017 begins, I envision an exciting and wide-ranging agenda for SIGMA in the coming year.  We have strategic plans for both internal and external improvements, which will enhance every aspect of our business.

Internally, we will continue to build on the Voice of the Customer Initiatives, which have accomplished much in terms of implementing best practices and system efficiencies.  The program, initially launched to provide a platform to address service related issues, has grown into a full-fledged business improvement plan.  In response to this evolution, we are changing the program’s name to “TEAM SIGMA,” and look forward to broadening the focus to include training, operations, personnel, and all business processes large and small.  It is my hope that TEAM SIGMA will touch every department and every person in our organization in 2017.

We are also making improvements to our physical assets.  The Cream Ridge, NJ headquarters underwent an upgrade in late 2016, which included a renovation and redecoration of the offices and common areas, and a full reconstruction of the showroom with all new product displays.  The Alexander City, AL location will begin a renovation early this year.  We will be expanding our manufacturing footprint and adding a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabrication facility.

Externally, SIGMA is in an extremely strong position.  Our product range is broader and deeper than ever.  With the 2016 acquisition of Raven, SIGMA now offers domestically produced HDPE meter boxes and other products.  Our large size restraints make us a leading supplier in that sector. We offer a wide range of OEM services, trench drain solutions, piping and plumbing products, and we still have the largest selection of fittings on the market. As a result, SIGMA has the ability to offer value added product to virtually any distributor in the US, Canada and beyond.

There has been much interest of late in the American Iron and Steel Act (AIS). SIGMA provides a wide range of both domestic and imported product, and we will continue to deliver a robust service response to the changing needs of our customers and the industry.  With over 30 years in the business, SIGMA will continue to grow with our customers in a broad portfolio of products both domestically produced and imported from world class foundries.

Happy New Year,



Jim McGivern