New Year’s Message from the CEO

Jim McGivern, CEO2015 is now in the books. Looking back, the year was marked by volatility. The economy had its ups and downs and the stock market experienced significant swings. Our industry saw the housing market continue its steady recovery and municipal spending on water infrastructure remain stable. SIGMA spent 2015 focusing on the fundamentals of customer service, continuous improvement, and investment in our business and facilities. It was a busy year, which started with the opening of a new state of the art warehouse in California as well as upgrades to existing service centers, notably in Houston. We have strengthened the team with several new hires and have continued to extend our already formidable range of products in almost every division. By continuing to fortify the core of our business, we have positioned ourselves to look to 2016 with confidence and optimism.

With a new year comes new challenges and goals. The theme for 2016 is “our best year yet”. This is a year in which we want to set records; record sales, record growth, and record customer service. We surveyed our customers extensively in 2015 about how SIGMA can serve them better. We have already implemented many of their suggestions, and the remaining are to be rolled out in the coming months. These improvements will make SIGMA an even better company and will enable us to set the records and achieve the goals to which we aspire. We will succeed with the support, dedication and hard work of all our loyal employees. SIGMA has the best people in our industry. Our customers consistently tell us that. Through teamwork, relentless effort and solid execution, we can exceed our goals and ensure we all have our best year yet.

Happy New Year!