HDPE Roto-Molder Fully Operational

SIGMA is pleased to announce the successful launch of the new High Density Polyethylene Manufacturing Facility in our Alexander City, AL location.   The new roto-molder is now fully operational, and the team in Alexander City has hit the ground running.

Operations Manager, HDPE Manufacturing and OEM, Jessica Johnson describes the process:  “After we acquired Raven it became clear that we were going to expand our HDPE capacity by building a facility in Alabama.  So Neil Cook, our Manufacturing Supervisor, and I spent time in the Raven plant in Idaho to learn the process first hand.  We developed a strong working relationship with the team there. I consider us ‘the HDPE family.’  We then came home, trained our team, and we are getting more proficient each day.”

The process is complex, but the employees have learned quickly. Jessica continues, “Our success rates with the molds are between 93-95% so we are pleased with that. If a product comes out of the oven or the cooler and does not meet specification, we scrap it, but that is rare. So far, things have gone very smoothly.”

CEO Jim McGivern comments, “The SIGMA Manufacturing Team has executed on a very important plan on time and on budget. The new manufacturing capability at Alabama sets the basis for exciting growth and opportunities for the whole of SIGMA.”

The new equipment is running two shifts a day, six days a week, so there is clear demand for this product line.   Customers are well served; they know they can count on SIGMA’s quality, logistics and service networks, and now they can rely on SIGMA for domestically manufactured HDPE products.

For information on SIGMA’s HDPE product line, please contact Jeff Fox at JF1@sigmaco.com

HYDROTEC Installed at Blister Berg Auto Race Track

With race cars that average 137 km/hour, the Blister Berg Drive Resort and Club in Bad Driburg, Germany required a reliable drainage system around the tracks.  A properly drained, dry road surface is crucial to ensuring optimal driver safety and automobile performance.  The Blister Berg facility is used for recreational driving and racing by club members, as well as for research and development by the automotive industry.  A dry track was a high priority.

Formula 1 architect Hermann Tilke led the planning and construction of the facility, and he sought a high quality, reliable, state of the art drainage system. Several options were considered, and ultimately Tilke selected HYDROTEC Maxi F1 channels and manhole covers.

The narrow curves of the track presented an installation challenge, which HYDROTEC addressed with a thoughtful layout and mitre cuts in the channels.

The MAXI F1 was ideal for this application due to its modular design system, durable fiber reinforced concrete, and integrally cast ductile frames and ductile grates. Maxi F1 meets a load class F rating and performs well in projects requiring maximum resistance in load bearing applications.

For information on MAXI F1 and other trench drain systems, please contact trenchdrainsolutions@sigmaco.com

Industry Perspective: Global Sourcing in the Current Landscape

The current climate is defined by uncertainty. Our turbulent political situation makes the prospect of global sourcing especially daunting. Many companies have come to rely totally on global sourcing and are using an exclusive one-country approach. This practice may present a risk to their supply chains, business continuity, and ultimately, to their bottom lines.

Companies in this situation could be forced to pay higher prices on imports, or have an urgent need to seek alternative suppliers.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended to diversify sourcing.  While “re-shoring” is the buzzword of the moment, the reality is that there are simply not enough domestic producers of iron components to meet the demand at any price, particularly in the short term. Thus far, the primary targets of anti-import sentiment seem to be China and Mexico, so SIGMA OEM suggests diversifying your supply chain and considering sources in India.

SIGMA OEM practices what we preach; we did this very thing 15 years ago when it became clear that relying on one supplier in one country was a high risk proposition. We set up strategic supplier relationships in India to replicate the overall success we had experienced in China. As a result, SIGMA OEM has “boots on the ground” and an in-country presence to mitigate risk and protect our customers from any problems they may encounter when sourcing globally. While it is clear that challenges can always arise with this type of enterprise, SIGMA OEM’s infrastructure enables us to address issues efficiently and productively.  Most importantly, we insulate and protect the customer.

The recent launch of 3PL, SIGMA OEM’s wholly owned subsidiary in India, marks the culmination of 15 years of operations there. With a true local provider that operates under American business principals, SIGMA OEM removes the barriers to opening a new supply chain in a new country. Rather than requiring customers to find and develop their own relationships, SIGMA OEM has a turnkey operation, enabling us to deliver quality components with minimal risk and hassle.  SIGMA OEM is confident enough in our ability to deliver that we offer a one-year money back guarantee on tooling if duties or other factors impede the completion of a project.

With the industry–and the world–in its current state of flux, it is strategic to broaden supplier bases. What may start off as a prudent and defensive move for a segment of a business could wind up saving significant costs–and protecting the business as a whole.

New Year Message from the CEO

As 2017 begins, I envision an exciting and wide-ranging agenda for SIGMA in the coming year.  We have strategic plans for both internal and external improvements, which will enhance every aspect of our business.

Internally, we will continue to build on the Voice of the Customer Initiatives, which have accomplished much in terms of implementing best practices and system efficiencies.  The program, initially launched to provide a platform to address service related issues, has grown into a full-fledged business improvement plan.  In response to this evolution, we are changing the program’s name to “TEAM SIGMA,” and look forward to broadening the focus to include training, operations, personnel, and all business processes large and small.  It is my hope that TEAM SIGMA will touch every department and every person in our organization in 2017.

We are also making improvements to our physical assets.  The Cream Ridge, NJ headquarters underwent an upgrade in late 2016, which included a renovation and redecoration of the offices and common areas, and a full reconstruction of the showroom with all new product displays.  The Alexander City, AL location will begin a renovation early this year.  We will be expanding our manufacturing footprint and adding a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabrication facility.

Externally, SIGMA is in an extremely strong position.  Our product range is broader and deeper than ever.  With the 2016 acquisition of Raven, SIGMA now offers domestically produced HDPE meter boxes and other products.  Our large size restraints make us a leading supplier in that sector. We offer a wide range of OEM services, trench drain solutions, piping and plumbing products, and we still have the largest selection of fittings on the market. As a result, SIGMA has the ability to offer value added product to virtually any distributor in the US, Canada and beyond.

There has been much interest of late in the American Iron and Steel Act (AIS). SIGMA provides a wide range of both domestic and imported product, and we will continue to deliver a robust service response to the changing needs of our customers and the industry.  With over 30 years in the business, SIGMA will continue to grow with our customers in a broad portfolio of products both domestically produced and imported from world class foundries.

Happy New Year,



Jim McGivern

New List Price Sheets available on our website for our Import Pipe Restraint Product Lines Effective January 16, 2017

SIGMA Corporation published new list prices on our website www.sigmaco.com on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 and will take effect as of January 16, 2017.

The new list price is for our Import PRP line of products for both Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe.    Please click the following link to be taken directly to our on-line waterworks price lists http://www.sigmaco.com/product/waterworks-price-lists/

Pricing on Municipal contracts will be honored for the length of the contract. Previously quoted job pricing will be honored through February 28, 2017 provided purchase orders are placed on or before February 28th for immediate shipment.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact your local SIGMA Territory Sales Manager.

We at SIGMA want to thank you for your support and look forward to meeting all of your service needs in 2017 and beyond.

SIGMA Merger of Western and Eastern Canadian Sales Regions

SIGMA Streamlines Eastern and Western Canada Sales Regions

SIGMA is pleased to announce the merger of our Eastern and Western Canada Sales Regions.  The newly formed Canadian Sales Region, under the leadership of Canadian Sales Manager David Pietryga, will continue to provide SIGMA’s industry leading quality and service to our valued customers in Canada.

With 27 years in the business, Pietryga knows the industry well.  Since 2012, he has served as the Eastern Canadian Sales Manager, and as a result, is very familiar with the market.  Because a majority of the customers in Canada are national, this will standardize and optimize their service experience.

Chris King will assist with the transition and continue to serve as Western Regional Sales Manager for the US.  All other aspects of SIGMA’s Canadian operations, including Territory Sales Managers and service warehouse locations, remain unchanged.

The transition will begin immediately; however, the complete merger is effective January 2017.

For information on Sales and Service in the Canadian Sales Region, please contact:

David Pietryga, Canadian Sales Manager, dpietryga@sigmaco.com 586 703 6577

For Ontario and The Maritimes:
Dennis Loughead, Territory Sales Manager, dloughead@sigmaco.com 416 580 7237

For Quebec (REPCO Company):
Jean Boucher, Sales Representative, jboucher@repco.ca 819 758 2222
Jean-Francois Lampron, Sales Representative, jflampron@repco.ca  819 817 0516

For British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba:
Rob Mathews, Territory Sales Manager, 250 308 8633 rmathews@sigmaco.com

SIGMA Outfits Military Base in Canada

military-base-picSIGMA is supplying the fittings and restraints for a massive waterline replacement project on the Canadian Air Force Base in Cold Lake, Alberta, the busiest fighter base in Canada.  Cold Lake, operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force, is one of two bases in the country using the CF-18 Hornet fighter/interceptor.  It is an international Center for Excellence for tactical fighter operations, deployable combat support and leading edge training.

The facility is undergoing a complete renovation and expansion, and the work required all new waterlines—which is where SIGMA became involved.  Collaborating with long time industry partner Norwood Waterworks, and SE Design/Site Energy, SIGMA delivered 24-inch (600mm) epoxy fittings and the corresponding restraints for the waterlines serving the base and the surrounding community.

Keith Lumby, General Manager of Norwood Waterworks comments, “The site is huge—one of the largest military facilities in Canada.  Because it involves The Canada Department of National Defense (DND), the requirements are highly specified and there is no room for error.  As a long-standing partner of Norwood, SIGMA has earned our business time and time again by delivering top quality products and professional service.  They are our ‘go-to’ people.”

SIGMA Territory Sales Manager Rob Mathews adds, “The soil in Alberta is considered ‘hot’, meaning highly acidic, corrosive, peaty, cold, and wet. For this reason, the job specified epoxy coating fittings and restraints.”

Chris Brooks, Project Manager, SE Design/Site Energy, states, “Defense Construction Canada (DCC) does the inspections and contract administration, and they have very stringent standards.  SIGMA has the experience and expertise to deliver on these specs.  Since SIGMA had handled previous phases of this project successfully, it was easy for us to go back to them again.”

The $33 million project will involve burying the waterline to a depth of 16 feet, and will take three years to complete.  SIGMA is proud to be a part of this exciting and important job.

SIGMA Announces Acquisition of Water Products Manufacturer Raven Products, LLC

– Acquisition Expands Domestic Manufacturing Opportunities –

Effective September 1, 2016 — SIGMA Corporation today announced the acquisition of Idaho-based Raven Products, LLC, a custom manufacturer of a wide range of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products. The acquisition of Raven Products is a natural evolution of the strategic relationship between the two companies, because Raven Products is a current supplier of HDPE meter boxes to SIGMA, and will expand SIGMA’s domestic manufacturing capabilities in the US water market.

SIGMA is a leading global supplier of water and wastewater infrastructure products, fire protection, trench drain and OEM products.  Additionally, SIGMA is a prominent supplier of municipal castings such as grates and valve boxes in a variety of materials. Raven, which is based in Caldwell, Idaho, broadens SIGMA’s domestic product offering, and brings a manufacturing expertise specific to rotomolding in HDPE.

SIGMA CEO Jim McGivern explains the acquisition: “Raven is a great addition to our product portfolio. They’ve been a manufacturing partner of ours for a couple of years and there is strong synergy between our two companies.  With our established worldwide manufacturing and logistics network, we expect to deliver significant growth opportunities to the Raven product line.”

The formal transfer of ownership will occur on September 1.

SIGMA Proudly Introduces MJ Connector

MJ Connector

As a leading manufacturer of restrained joint products for pressure pipeline applications, SIGMA saw a need for a new item in our line. We received repeated requests for a product that would connect and secure short sections of pipe between two ductile iron mechanical joint fittings. Customers asked, and SIGMA responded with the MJ Connector.

This ductile iron adapter incorporates two nominal pipe ends with a mid-ring/spacer that includes lips on either side for proper gasket compression of the two mechanical joint outlets. Extra-long rods allow the assembly to provide leak-free seals in a self-restrained environment.

National Sales Manager Greg Fox states “We are pleased to offer the MJ Connector to our customers. It fills a clear market need, and like all SIGMA products, adheres to industry leading quality standards.” For any questions or additional information, please contact your closest SIGMA Regional Office http://www.sigmaco.com/contact or reach Greg directly at GF1@sigmaco.com or (256)496-3388

New Year’s Message from the CEO

Jim McGivern, CEO2015 is now in the books. Looking back, the year was marked by volatility. The economy had its ups and downs and the stock market experienced significant swings. Our industry saw the housing market continue its steady recovery and municipal spending on water infrastructure remain stable. SIGMA spent 2015 focusing on the fundamentals of customer service, continuous improvement, and investment in our business and facilities. It was a busy year, which started with the opening of a new state of the art warehouse in California as well as upgrades to existing service centers, notably in Houston. We have strengthened the team with several new hires and have continued to extend our already formidable range of products in almost every division. By continuing to fortify the core of our business, we have positioned ourselves to look to 2016 with confidence and optimism.

With a new year comes new challenges and goals. The theme for 2016 is “our best year yet”. This is a year in which we want to set records; record sales, record growth, and record customer service. We surveyed our customers extensively in 2015 about how SIGMA can serve them better. We have already implemented many of their suggestions, and the remaining are to be rolled out in the coming months. These improvements will make SIGMA an even better company and will enable us to set the records and achieve the goals to which we aspire. We will succeed with the support, dedication and hard work of all our loyal employees. SIGMA has the best people in our industry. Our customers consistently tell us that. Through teamwork, relentless effort and solid execution, we can exceed our goals and ensure we all have our best year yet.

Happy New Year!