SIGMA Introduces New 64 Inch Restraint

high res 64in restraint picSIGMA Corporation proudly introduces the industry’s first wedge-action restraining glands for ductile iron pipe in sizes 54″, 60″ and 64″. These new product developments complement the increasing need for the nominal mechanical joint fittings that customers require in all sectors of the market.

SIGMA remains proactive in bringing new technology for the proper restraint of both ductile iron and PVC pressure pipelines. Eleven years ago, SIGMA pioneered the first-ever restrained joint devices for AWWA C905 PVC pressure pipes in sizes 42″ and 48″. We are constantly developing innovative solutions to today’s ever growing demand for pipeline restraint. These new products enhance our complete and extensive range of ductile iron fittings.

For information about the new restraints, please contact Steve McDonald, National Product Manager for PRP at