SIGMA Introduces New Hydrotec Products

As an industry leader and innovator in drainage solutions, SIGMA has introduced several new Hydrotec product lines this year. These include:

Hydroline Pro: This aluminum version of the Hydroline Ductile Iron Trench Drain System offers several key advantages. Aluminum is a lighter weight material, so this system is fast and easy to install. Hydroline Pro is offered in 3 meter and 1 meter sections in nominal 4 inch internal width channels. The single piece design is flexible and scalable; channels can be hooked together with flanges to create 8, 12, or 16-inch wide channels. Hydroline Pro is ADA compatible with a load class F rating, and the aluminum material resists rust and bio-growth. This new system is ideal for low flow areas in applications such as swimming pools, driveways, gardens, bay doors in loading docks, and some food and beverage applications. Hydroline Pro comes standard in Jet Black (powder coated) or raw Silver. Other colors are available with minimum order quantities and a slight up-charge.

Maxi Pro: This fiber reinforced concrete channel offers an innovative new feature. It now has a neoprene insert, which serves two important functions. First, the neoprene alleviates the clanking sound resulting from vehicles driving over the channel. Secondly, it cushions the grate, absorbing vehicular loads, thus significantly reducing friction and wear and tear. This increases the durability of the components and extends the life of the system.

HydroBlock: These single piece, monolithic ductile iron trench drains are now being manufactured with ADA compliant features. HydroBlock tops in 6, 8, and 12-inch systems now meet ADA requirements. HydroBlock is ideal for Airport, Port/Dock, Intermodal, and Distribution Center type applications.

SIGMA continues to grow in the trench drain sector; the expansion of our offering with these three new lines enables us to meet any and all drainage requirements and specifications. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and respond to your request for quotes. For information about these and other trench drain solutions, please contact National Trench Drain Solutions Product Manager Todd Amerson at