SIGMA Meets Challenges on Saskatoon Project

Saskatoon 1The City of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada is growing by leaps and bounds due to its thriving potash, fertilizer, oil and gas, industries.  Aiming to be proactive, the City has taken strategic steps to provide for the quickly growing population.   Building a reservoir and supply line to deliver water to the newly developed region was recognized as a top priority.  And that’s where SIGMA fits into the picture.

Rob Mathews, SIGMA’s Territory Sales Manager for Western Canada describes the job:  “We were honored to be a part of this exciting project.  The collaboration between the City of Saskatoon, EMCO Corporation, Gabriel Construction, and SIGMA was effective and rewarding.    The job was challenging on all fronts – we had a very tight time frame because the pipeline had to traverse an area used by Agriculture and Agrifood Canada – AAFC for agriculture research.  This meant that we had to cross the property between crop cycles.  In addition, buried metal is subject to corrosion, so we had to come up with a way to protect the restraints over the long term.  We coated the restraints with Denso tape and paste, a petroleum-based product that is impregnable to water.   This was an innovative fix and required more steps in the process than a typical restraint job would, but that is what the customer required.   With the inestimable help of my colleague, Inside Sales Associate Dana Wax, I’m proud to say we hit every single inventory deadline.”

George Tisserand, Sales Manager for EMCO (Supplier/Distributor for the Saskatoon Project) adds:  “We had a really compressed timeline, working around the University’s agricultural calendar, and we needed a lot of pipe restraint on this job.  We chose SIGMA because they have the best delivery record.  They did everything possible to get the materials to the job-site promptly, and the work was completed on time.  I would absolutely work with SIGMA again.” 

City of Saskatoon Project Engineer Celene Anger describes the project further:  

“The 1050 mm diameter Fill main allows water to travel from the water treatment plant to a local reservoir that is used to supplement water supply to remote areas of the City. Because we weren’t allowed to interrupt the crop season and the migratory bird mating seasons on Federal agricultural land, the City was given a short window of time to install this particular section of Fill main.   We had three months to install 1200 m of pipe with two 90 degree bends and a section that required boring a tunnel under the road.”

Anger continues: “An important main like this one needs to have a long life span making corrosion protection of the joint restraints a vital part of the project. The Denso paste and tape were selected for many reasons, one being that its life expectancy is a lot longer than sacrificial anodes.  I have full confidence that SIGMA’s restraints and the Denso paste and tape application job that Gabriel did will stand the test of time.” 

Congratulations to all on a job well done!