SIGMA Outfits Military Base in Canada

military-base-picSIGMA is supplying the fittings and restraints for a massive waterline replacement project on the Canadian Air Force Base in Cold Lake, Alberta, the busiest fighter base in Canada.  Cold Lake, operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force, is one of two bases in the country using the CF-18 Hornet fighter/interceptor.  It is an international Center for Excellence for tactical fighter operations, deployable combat support and leading edge training.

The facility is undergoing a complete renovation and expansion, and the work required all new waterlines—which is where SIGMA became involved.  Collaborating with long time industry partner Norwood Waterworks, and SE Design/Site Energy, SIGMA delivered 24-inch (600mm) epoxy fittings and the corresponding restraints for the waterlines serving the base and the surrounding community.

Keith Lumby, General Manager of Norwood Waterworks comments, “The site is huge—one of the largest military facilities in Canada.  Because it involves The Canada Department of National Defense (DND), the requirements are highly specified and there is no room for error.  As a long-standing partner of Norwood, SIGMA has earned our business time and time again by delivering top quality products and professional service.  They are our ‘go-to’ people.”

SIGMA Territory Sales Manager Rob Mathews adds, “The soil in Alberta is considered ‘hot’, meaning highly acidic, corrosive, peaty, cold, and wet. For this reason, the job specified epoxy coating fittings and restraints.”

Chris Brooks, Project Manager, SE Design/Site Energy, states, “Defense Construction Canada (DCC) does the inspections and contract administration, and they have very stringent standards.  SIGMA has the experience and expertise to deliver on these specs.  Since SIGMA had handled previous phases of this project successfully, it was easy for us to go back to them again.”

The $33 million project will involve burying the waterline to a depth of 16 feet, and will take three years to complete.  SIGMA is proud to be a part of this exciting and important job.