SIGMA Proudly Announces the Launch of 54” & 60” Wedge-Action and Bell Harness Restraint for AWWA C905 PVC Pipe





June 10, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact Steve McDonald or 609 668 1053

SIGMA Proudly Announces the Launch of 54” & 60” Wedge-Action and Bell Harness Restraint for AWWA C905 PVC Pipe

Please visit exhibit booth #2611 at ACE17 to view the 54” Harness Restraint and Wedge Action Restraint on PVC Pipe!

As a company that is dedicated to waterworks industry innovation, SIGMA is pleased to introduce the first 54” and 60” wedge and bell restraint for AWWA C905 PVC pressure pipes.  SIGMA’s leadership in developing these new nominally-sized restraints is expected to address the engineering challenges faced by municipalities and consulting firms for these pipeline applications.

SIGMA’s Restrained Joint Product Manager Steve McDonald explains: “The inception of sizes 54 and 60-inch restraint brings a solution for preventing PVC pipe joint separation that is common in pressure pipe applications.  External concrete thrust blocks for these new pipe sizes are massive obstructions for future infrastructure needs and a potential problem for other utility services nearby. Our mechanical approach using time-proven technology is a working component of the pipeline itself and provides a reliable, long-term solution to maintaining the integrity of every joint within the pipeline.”

In addition to the water and wastewater potential, this innovation is expected to have a positive impact on this size PVC pipe being used in future irrigation designs.

Dennis Bauer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Diamond Plastics comments, ”We have seen a significant expansion of interest in large diameter PVC and having the folks at SIGMA make the investment in 54” & 60” restraint will have a very positive impact on the options available to water and sewer design professionals across North America. We appreciate their commitment to the industry.”

Please direct all future inquiries for availability through your local SIGMA contact or Steve McDonald at or (609) 668-1053.