SIGMA Proudly Introduces MJ Connector

MJ Connector

As a leading manufacturer of restrained joint products for pressure pipeline applications, SIGMA saw a need for a new item in our line. We received repeated requests for a product that would connect and secure short sections of pipe between two ductile iron mechanical joint fittings. Customers asked, and SIGMA responded with the MJ Connector.

This ductile iron adapter incorporates two nominal pipe ends with a mid-ring/spacer that includes lips on either side for proper gasket compression of the two mechanical joint outlets. Extra-long rods allow the assembly to provide leak-free seals in a self-restrained environment.

National Sales Manager Greg Fox states “We are pleased to offer the MJ Connector to our customers. It fills a clear market need, and like all SIGMA products, adheres to industry leading quality standards.” For any questions or additional information, please contact your closest SIGMA Regional Office or reach Greg directly at or (256)496-3388