SIGMA Trench Drains in High Profile Projects

trench drainSIGMA has just completed two major trench drain installations, demonstrating the utility, versatility and durability of the product line.

A top five auto manufacturer in the Midwest needed to replace an outdated trench drain system. Significant strength was required for the project, as cars roll off the production line and over the trench drain system. The customer selected the Hydrotec MAXI 100 Load Class F because it is one of the most robust trench drain solutions on the market; it has a load capacity of 202,320 lbs per foot DIN Class F.

In addition to the automotive factory project, SIGMA’s trench drains have just been installed in a leading brand gas station/convenience store/restaurant complex in Southeast Florida. We used Hydrotec MAXI 100 Class D for this job because of its durability. Heavy tanker trucks and 18-wheelers constantly pass through the area, so the customer needed something that would withstand massive amounts of weight. Additionally, the site is located in a region which experiences frequent, heavy rainfall, so high capacity drainage was an essential.

Says Eric Moisa, SIGMA’s National Product Manager for Trench Drain Solutions, “The customer in Florida had historically used a different trench drainage product, but when he learned about the benefits of Hydrotec, he was determined to use it. Hydrotec’s durability due to fiber reinforced concrete, the ease of installation and maintenance, and its many technical innovations make it superior to competitors’ products. The system was installed on time and is performing to expectations”.

For further information, please contact Eric Moisa or call 609-286-8861.