SPP Launches Three New Lead Free Products

SIGMA Piping Products is pleased to announce the launch of our new Lead Free Ball Valves, Supply Lines and Supply Stops. These three products represent a natural progression for the division; having established a solid market presence in fire protection and piping, SPP is now branching out into plumbing. More importantly, these new products comply with the Safe Delivery Water Act 1417, which required all water pipes to be lead-free starting in January 2014.

As a Company that always puts the safety of our customers and end-users first, compliance was a top priority. Rather than retrofit existing inventory, SIGMA forged ahead and created a completely new product.

Says SPP Direct Marketing Manager George Neitzey, “SPP has had great success introducing new products due to strong communication with our customers. Building on that success, we hope to introduce new products every 60 days.”

For additional information about the new product line, please contact George Neitzey at GNeitzey@sigmaco.com.