Treatment Plant Division

SIGMA offers a dedicated and fully staffed Treatment Plant Division. The Treatment Plant Group is ready to assist with specification needs, project- based quotations, and any other plant related services required by our customers.

Linings And Coatings

SIGMA offers a wide variety of linings and coatings for our fittings.

Exterior Coatings
• Bare Uncoated
• Standard Asphaltic Coating
• Tnemec 37H-77 Alkyd-Phenolic Primer (Red)
• Tnemec 140-1211 Epoxy (Red)
• Tnemec 46H-413 Coal Tar Epoxy (Black)
• Tnemec 66 Boston Gray (Gray)
• Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Red)
• Wasser Ferro-Clad Primer (Blue or Gray)

Interior Linings
• Bare Unlined
• Double Cement Lined with Seal Coat
• Induron PROTECTO 401 [REGISTERED] Ceramic Epoxy
• Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Contact Information

Ingrid Sondag
National Plant Division Manager
(602) 320-8522

Flanged Fittings

SIGMA offers the widest selection of flanged fittings on the market today. Flanged fittings are available in sizes 2 through 54 inches in all configurations, and can be lined and coated to customers’ specifications.


The SFA is designed to connect plain-end ductile iron and PVC pressure pipe to flanged ends. It accommodates for pipe misalignment and can act as a dismantling joint for service and maintenance requirements.