SIGMA OEM is proud to present its new product catalog.  The catalog, which represents a sampling of SIGMA OEM’s capabilities and offerings, was developed to serve as a useful resource to customers.  It is categorized by product groups and industry segments for easy reference, and products pictured in the catalog depict samples of some of the types of items SIGMA OEM can source.

Ajay Roy, GEM and Business Development, explains:  “As always, SIGMA’s first priority is the customer. By creating this new catalog, we are hoping to deliver a useful resource that will help customers understand and access the enormous range of products and services SIGMA OEM can provide.  The catalog reflects the depth of SIGMA’s experience in sourcing and manufacturing, and our commitment to customer service.”

The catalog is available on request, both as the full range edition, or in smaller versions that detail specific industries, materials, and products.  To request a catalog, please contact, or download by clicking the link below.


**NEW** SIGMA-OEM Product Catalog.pdfDownload