**Effective 6/1/2021 all unshipped open orders as well as backorders will be repriced at current June 1st List Prices with applicable multipliers**

PL2021 Domestic MJ Fittings-Accessories (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Domestic MJ Fittings-Accessories (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 MJ Accessories-Import (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 MJ Accessories-Import (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import MJ Accessories (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import MJ Accessories (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-1 Import Fabricator Products (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-1 Import Fabricator Products (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2020 Import Fabricator Product (effective 010620).xlsxDownload 
PL2020 Import Fabricator Product (effective 010620).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-FBE (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-FBE (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-FBE (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-FBE (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Fittings-P401 (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Fittings-P401 (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-P401 (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-P401 (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-P401 (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-P401 (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings P401-Zinc (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings P401-Zinc (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings P401-Zinc (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings P401-Zinc (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Fittings-Zinc (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Fittings-Zinc (effective 2-1-21).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-Zinc (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-3 Import Fittings-Zinc (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-Zinc (effective 020121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Fittings-Zinc (effective 020121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import MJ Connector (effective 011121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import MJ Connector (effective 011121).pdfDownload 
PL2018 Municipal Castings- National Light Casting Price List (effective 062518).xlsxDownload 
PL2018 Municipal Castings- National Light Casting Price List (effective 062518).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Pipe Restraint Products (effective 032221).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Domestic Pipe Restraint Products (effective 032221).pdfDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-2 Import Restraint Products (effective 060121).xlsxDownload 
*NEW* PL2021-2 Restraint-Import Price List (effective 060121).pdfDownload 
PL2021 Import Pipe Restraint Products (effective 011121).xlsxDownload 
PL2021 Import Pipe Restraint Products (effective 011121).pdfDownload