August 4, 2021
To: SIGMA Customers in the USA
Re: NDS Light Duty Meter Box List Price Increase Effective 8/6/21 — updated List Prices
Dear Valued Customer:
Due to continued increases in raw materials and both inbound/outbound freight, SIGMA is announcing a price increase on the NDS line of meter boxes.
In conjunction with this increase, Sigma has decided to move the light duty line of enclosures to a list and multiplier pricing structure. The national published multiplier is x.60.
This increase is effective August 6, 2021 and reflects an approximate 15%-20% increase on recently published net prices.
The list price sheet is found on the spreadsheet accessed through the following link:
As resin prices are implemented immediately, SIGMA will not accept “hold for release” orders and reserves the right to limit quantities placed on purchase order prior to August 6.
Sigma currently offers a limited line of NDS enclosures to compliment the Raven Heavywall boxes. If there is additional material you would like to see offered, please contact your Territory Sales Person with your request.
As always, we appreciate your business and support.

Greg Fox | Vice President of Sales
SIGMA Corporation