Established in 1985 by engineers with new ideas for servicing the water and wastewater industries, SIGMA has grown into a $500 million dollar global corporation with major presence in North America and Asia, and thousands of loyal customers around the world. SIGMA Corporation offers a wide range of water and wastewater infrastructure products, original equipment manufacturing products and services (OEM), precision castings, and HDPE products. We are a market leader distinguished by innovative quality and supply chain processes, and we offer both domestic and global sourcing options. Our engineers are constantly developing new products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers every day.


SIGMA Quality Assurance Experts start by thoroughly inspecting each factory before approving it as a SIGMA manufacturer. They examine every facet of the operation from the procurement of raw materials to the maintenance of equipment through the fabrication process. SIGMA stations engineers at all factories to provide constant monitoring and frequent quality assurance inspections. Finally, SIGMA conducts Incoming Quality Control tests, during which random samples of inventory are shipped from factories around the world to our company headquarters for inspection. SIGMA’s heat coding process is revolutionary in the industry. We stamp each item with manufacturing data so it is traceable back to its origin. By marking each product, we can track it for Quality Assurance, and in the event of a problem, identify every fitting from that batch. Our products also undergo third party inspection on a regular basis. SIGMA requires that every single fitting be hydro-tested before it is permitted to leave our factories. This means that each and every item we send to our customers has been physically tested to withstand the pressure that it will undergo after installation. This is SIGMA’s way of assuring our customers, distributors, partners, and end-users that ours are the safest and most reliable fittings available on the market today. Our Quality Standards are the highest in the industry because we demand it. Quality doesn’t just happen, it requires constant, deliberate, focused vigilance. And that is what SIGMA promises.


SIGMA consistently strives to put the customer first. This was our model from the day we opened our doors, and, along with quality, continues to be a top priority. We constantly evaluate our Supply Chain to achieve maximum efficiency and our Customer Service Representatives are trained in Best Practices to be sure that they are anticipating and meeting customers’ needs without fail. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Mechanical Engineer Luis Zaldivar describes SIGMA’s commitment to service: “SIGMA always goes the extra mile for us. I’ve been in this business for 25 years, and there are issues that come up on every job. But it’s the way people address these issues that makes the difference. SIGMA’s team is proactive, responsive, and takes care of whatever may arise. Their Quality Assurance Program is also exemplary, and that is very, very important to us.”

Never content to rest on our laurels, SIGMA is constantly reviewing all aspects of Sourcing and Procurement to ensure that we are using the most innovative and effective approach. We strive to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency for the benefit of our customers.


The stability and longevity of SIGMA’s employees offer a powerful testament to their commitment to the company. Fully 54% of SIGMA’s employees have been with the company for over 10 years, and many for far longer. This shows the strength of the company, as well as the dedication of the personnel. Additionally, it means that there is significant expertise behind every transaction. SIGMA’s team is committed to providing quality product and efficient service, and we have years of experience delivering just that.


When we at SIGMA give our word, you know that we have over 35 years of Quality, Service, and Commitment behind it. You know that SIGMA will deliver.