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COVID-19 ALERT – SIGMA Corp is part of supply chain for the “16 Federal Critical Infrastructure Sectors” including Water and Wastewater Systems that includes manufacturers, service providers, distributors and contractors. So, service our customers in this critical sector, All facilities of SIGMA in USA and Canada plan to remain open for business throughout the duration of these “Stay at Home” orders. Our warehouse personnel are working at our facilities receiving deliveries and shipping materials. They have been instructed and are following CDC hygiene, gathering, and social distancing practices. The majority of our office staff is steadily working in their home offices. While some critical office staff remain in office practicing CDC guidelines. SIGMA’s primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local SIGMA representative.

Featured Product

SIGMA Offers a Complete Range of Zinc-Coated Fittings

SIGMA can meet ALL zinc coated fittings needs with a combination of SIGMAZINC1 and SIGMAZINC2 Black Asphalt Coating Fittings!

The benefits of SIGMAZINC2 include:

    • Galvanic protection to ductile iron for corrosive soils or wastewater immersion.
    • Advanced coating protection with highly effective galvanic protection properties, tenacious bonding, and abrasion resistance.
    • Adherence to ISO-8179-2 requirement for liquid inorganic zinc-rich coating.
    • Minimum Zinc level of 220 g/m of surface area.
    • Minimum coating thickness of 3 mils.
    • Asphaltic topcoat paint applied as per ISO 8179-2.

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SIGMA Restrained Joint Devices Successfully Installed Jacksonville, FL

“Towards the beginning of 2020, SIGMA Corporation began working on the Butler Boulevard Reclaimed Water project in Jacksonville, FL with T.G. Utility Company, Inc., a noteworthy utility contracting group in Northeast FL” said Steve McDonald, Pipe Restraint Product Manager for SIGMA Corporation. The nature of their business is predominantly watermain transmission and distribution piping, wastewater management and storm drain piping. The customer needed to update older water infrastructure for this project and wanted to minimize the disruption to its own customer base in the area neighborhoods and directly across from the University of North Florida main entrance while construction was taking place.  Read more …

SIGMA Announces Availability of V-Bio®Enhanced Polyethylene Film

SIGMA Announces Availability of V-Bio®Enhanced Polyethylene Film

Proprietary Anti-Microbial Tech Inhibits Galavanic and Microbiological Corrosion

SIGMA Corporation announces the availability of V-Bio ® Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement. As part of an exclusive agreement with DIPRA, SIGMA becomes one of only six suppliers nationally with distribution rights to this product. Read More ...

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