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COVID-19 ALERT – SIGMA Corp is part of supply chain for the “16 Federal Critical Infrastructure Sectors” including Water and Wastewater Systems that includes manufacturers, service providers, distributors and contractors. So, service our customers in this critical sector, All facilities of SIGMA in USA and Canada plan to remain open for business throughout the duration of these “Stay at Home” orders. Our warehouse personnel are working at our facilities receiving deliveries and shipping materials. They have been instructed and are following CDC hygiene, gathering, and social distancing practices. The majority of our office staff is steadily working in their home offices. While some critical office staff remain in office practicing CDC guidelines. SIGMA’s primary concern is the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local SIGMA representative.

Featured Product


SIGMA Corporation is proud to introduce the One-Lok Model SLCE wedge action restraint for 42″ & 48″ PVC pressure piping. The new One-Lok has a unique design, which allows the product to act as both a pipe restraint and as a gasket compression gland. Additionally, the restraining glands have been designed to minimize the assembly time required to install the joint. This feature differs from competitors’ products, which require the use of an additional mechanical joint follower gland. As a further benefit to customers, the same restraining gland can be used for both mechanical fitting joints and bell harness PVC joint assemblies.

Features of the One-Lok Model SLCE wedge action restraint for 42″ & 48″ PVC pipes include:

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SIGMA Presents New Range of Aluminum Access Hatches

SIGMA is pleased to advise the availability of a new aluminum product line to support the national Precast market. Effective immediately, SIGMA will be offering a series of domestically manufactured Aluminum Access Hatches for construction companies building concrete utility vaults.

The access hatches come in two designs; as an angled frame and as a trough frame.

  • The angled frame is designed for applications where rainwater entering the vault is not a concern and is available as a single or double leaf.
  • The trough frame is suited for applications where rainwater intrusion control is needed and is also available single or double leaf.
  • Optional safety grates and nets available upon request for all hatches

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4 Mil High Density Cross-Laminated Polyethylene

ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 defines cross-laminated high-density polyethylene film as: ”Film extruded from virgin high-density polyethylene raw material, which is then molecularly oriented by stretching. Two single-ply layers of the film are then laminated together with their orientations at 90 degrees to one another to form the final product.”

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