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According to industry estimates, it costs the U.S. around $36 billion a year to fix the damage caused by corrosion to our water and sewer systems.

  • Corrosion is responsible for over 90% of the 240,000 pipe breaks experienced in the U.S. each year.
  • Corrosion protection is a key consideration for utilities wanting to protect their infrastructure assets.
  • Zinc coatings inhibit corrosion and can extend the lifetime of a fitting by a factor of between 10-100x.

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Dive into the Colorful World of HYDROline PRO PRISM

SIGMA is proud to introduce a new range of HYDROline PRO trench drains in designer colors to meet the increasing demand for both aesthetics and performance in drainage. The new line was created to enhance landscapes, pool decks, gardens, parks, spas, locker rooms, gyms, country clubs, and pedestrian areas. The current color palette includes Pearl Dark Grey, Beige Brown, Tomato Red, Signal Orange, Pearl Green, and Oyster White, however, SIGMA can produce virtually any color desired.

These colorful new HYDROline PRO options retain the industry leading design and performance specifications of the original black powder coated product.

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Aerosol Asphalt Coating/Primer Approved for Potable Water Pipes and Fittings

SIGMA is now stocking stock the newly NSF 61-approved Blackhawk R-17-A-73 aerosol coating/primer. The product is an ANSI/NSF61 approved, quick drying black asphalt glossy coating that can be universally used for the inside and outside of ductile iron pipes and fittings, including for potable applications.

SIGMA is the only distributor in the US to carry this NSF 61-approved asphalt aerosol coating/primer.

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