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SIGMA Z-COAT Ideal Coating For Corrosion Protection

In the SIGMA Z-COAT process, the zinc coating is applied by spraying zinc-rich paint onto the surface. It complies with ISO 8179-2 specs.

The zinc-rich paint, or SIGMA Z-COAT method, is considered superior for use on fittings and other products with rough surfaces and non-uniform shapes. Because it is applied as a liquid, SIGMA Z-COAT permeates all surfaces and fills the peaks and valleys formed in the fitting manufacturing process. This prevents voids in coverage, which can result in corrosion and ultimately, failure.

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SIGMA Involved in Development of the Nation's Largest Pipe Restraint Installation

SIGMA Corporation is proud to announce our involvement in the development of the Nation’s largest pipe restraint installation in Edmond, Oklahoma.¬†This $171 million water resource recovery facility (WRRF) project broke ground in September of 2017 and expanded the overall capacity of the facility to twelve million gallons per day, and was completed in October 2020.

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