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SIGMA Introduces QR Codes for Field Installation Guidance

SIGMA’s Engineering team together with the company’s product managers have developed a series of installation videos to facilitate easy install of SIGMA products in the field.

To launch an installation video simply place the camera of your smart phone over the QR code (Quick Response) and a link will appear at the top of your phone’s screen. Click this link and you’ll jump straight to the video.

Our first video details the unique re-rounding capability featured on our Pipe Restraint Products.

These install videos can also be accessed on the SIGMA website in the video section and you’ll see them cropping up on product labels and packaging materials.

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SIGMA Expands Market Leadership Role, Now Offering SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal Joint Restraint Product Line in Sizes 30" & 36"

SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of its SIGMAFLANGE™ Universal package Model SFUP. Previously available in sizes 3-24″, the SFUP product range has been extended to include two new sizes, 30″ and 36″. SIGMA not only continues to lead the industry in product development on behalf of larger diameter pipes for restraint installations (sizes 54″ through 64″ for ductile iron pipes and 54″ through 60″ PVC pressure pipes), but also expands its nominal ranges for existing product applications

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